cathyclampHi, I’m USA TODAY and Nielsen Bookscan bestselling author Cathy Clamp.  I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance for Tor Books, including the Tales of the Sazi (shapeshifter urban fantasy romance) series, The Thrall (vampire) trilogy, the Blood Singer (urban fantasy, as Cat Adams) series—through book 6, and the new Novels of the Sazi series, beginning in August, 2015.

I’ve won a bunch of awards for my books over the years. My favorite was the Career Achievement Award for Paranormal Romance in May, 2008 from RT Bookreviews Magazine. I also shared the win for several co-authored books with C.T. Adams of the Book Buyer’s Best Award, the RT Bookreviews Reviewer’s Choice Award, the Reviewers International Award of Excellence, the Texas Gold Romance Award, the Write Touch Readers Award, and several others. It’s gratifying and humbling to win awards  for books that you put your heart into, and I hope you enjoy them as much as other readers have!

I’ve also written several stand-alone novels, not in series, including my very first novel, The Road To Riches, an historical fiction about a railroad race in Colorado’s Silver Boom period, and Magic’s Design, the first urban fantasy published as Cat Adams.

I also write short stories, which is a whole different kind of writing.. I like writing in a lot of different genres, and it’s in short stories where I let my wings spread. I have published short stories in horror, science fiction, mystery, literary, Young Adult, romance, thriller, fantasy and western.

I’m represented by Merrilee Heifetz of Writers House, who is the best agent a writer could ask for! If you are interested in rights purchases, you can reach her at:

Merrilee Heifetz
Writers Hous
21 W. 26 St.
New York, NY  10010
(212) 685-2400
(212)685-1781 (fax)

I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, which actually looks like mountain range that runs across the center of Texas. In geologic terms, a “mountain” is generally considered to be a minimum of 2,000 feet elevation. Anything below that is a “hill”. So, Texas has hills, instead of mountains. (But you’d barely notice the difference!)

A few random memes:

My favorite foods: Shrimp, steak (yes, I’m a carnivore!), chocolate (MUST have chocolate to write), and coffee with chicory.

My signature perfumes: Poison by Christian Dior, Love’s Fresh Lemon (the original version) and Incanto by Salvatore Ferragamo

My favorite animal: Cats and dogs, and the occasional badger.

My favorite authors: Wow! Too many to count. But among my “must buys, even if I have no time or money” are: Laurell K. Hamilton, Yasmine Galenorn, Jim Butcher, Clive Cussler, Lori Avocato, Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling,, P.N. Elrod and Rachel Caine

My favorite Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original version. I have the entire cartoon series in the original Japanese), or Vampire Knight

Weird passions: Sweepstakes, antiques, embroidery and canning pickles. I also adore weight lifting and board games (one entire closet, floor to ceiling is filled with board games, which I play with my DH! LOL!)  Oh, and I raise Boer/Spanish cross meat goats.

My favorite movies:  Again, soooo many! But:  Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone. Say what you will about the rest, but the first is my favorite! The Men in Black movies, Independence Day, The Mummy movies, Most any Pixar, Disney or DreamWorks movie. Pick one and I’ll likely have watched it multiple times!

My favorite music: 80’s Hair Bands. I am member of the KISS army! AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Dokken, Winger, Alice in Chains, Guns N Roses, etc., etc. I listen to Hair Nation on SiriusSM. Go listen. You’ll get the idea.  :)

Things People Don’t Know About Me: Hmm… Well, most readers don’t know that my day job is in law for a title company. My official title at the day job is:  Cathy Clamp, PLS, ACP, CAEA, TBLS. What do all those letters mean? Here’s the translation code:

PLS – Certified Professional Legal Secretary (a 2-day, 10 hour exam created by the National Association of Legal Professionals “NALS”!)

ACP – The “CP” part is “Certified Paralegal” (another 2-day 10 hour exam created by the National Association of Legal Assistants, “NALA”!) The ”A” stands for “Advanced” meaning that I’ve gone beyond the pale into specializing in particular fields. My particular fields are Real Estate and Intellectual Property. In law, Intellectual Property is copyright, trademark and patent. It seemed to make sense to become somewhat of an expert in copyright law. Heh…

CAEA – Certified Abstract Examination Associate, by the Texas Land Title Association. This was a half-day exam about searching real estate records at the County Clerk and being able to definitively state the exact ownership of a piece of property. It’s harder than it looks!

TBLS – My newest group of letters! This stands for “Texas Board of Legal Specialization,” a committee of the Texas Bar Association. Texas is one of the few states in the country that actually tests lawyers and paralegals on areas of practice and won’t let an attorney claim to be a “specialist” unless they pass an exam put together by a certifying board. Texas is also one of the rare states that considers paralegals the equal of attorneys—just  in a different field.

Another thing people don’t know is that I also write magazine articles for hunting and fishing magazines. It’s actually where I got my start writing. I hold the sort of weird distinction of being the first woman to have a gun technical article published in Guns and Ammo magazine!

As to other information, well, that’s all you need to know right here. :)


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